Monday, September 22, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Heather's 2nd tooth became so loose over the weekend, and she was brave enough to have Jim pulled it out Sunday night. After several attempts, the tooth came out. There was a lot of blood, but Heather was giggly, and so happy that the 2nd loose tooth finally came out.

At bedtime, she asked "Mommy, is tooth fairy real? Is Santa Claus real? Some kids do not believe in tooth fairy, or Santa Claus"..... "I lost my 1st tooth first, and Luca lost his 2nd tooth first, he is going to be so happy that I lost my 2nd tooth." "I am going to have my name on the board in the class that I lost my tooth in September 2008". Eventually, 20 or so minutes later, she drifted to her fairy land.............
This morning, I walked into her room, she was still sleeping. "Heather, time to wake up! Did the tooth fairy come?" Sure enough, she got up and reached over beneath the pillow,"oh, tooth fairy came. She put my tooth in the little white bag, and left me money too. Wow, $7 dollars, it was because I was brave....."

Heather is so adorable...........

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